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Love potions, luck potions, liquid courage; I brew them all. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Eligendi quidem vero, velit, laborum doloribus unde distinctio, alias minus non ipsa quasi voluptas. Maxime labore praesentium blanditiis quia provident, tempore vero, velit officia sed nesciunt nisi dolorum. Tenetur amet at ea quam facilis pariatur.


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Sworm enemy? Scorned lover? Archnemesis? I can solve that. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Quod aliquam alias, deserunt, dolores accusamus deleniti quae tenetur pariatur dicta? Molestiae ipsam mollitia alias voluptate, eos maxime quam, atque voluptatem neque necessitatibus vitae tempore reprehenderit obcaecati qui ullam repellat ratione fugit, officia nobis!


Icon of a closed fist raised in triumph

liquid courage

Icon of a hand holding a heart

love potion no.8

Icon of a hand with its fingers crossed

liquid luck

Icon of a hand holding our coins

potion of good fortune


An alchemy cirlce with 4 circles within, 2 large and 2 small.

charm of good luck

Alchemy circle with a diamond and a circle within

charm of allure

Alchemny circle with 2 lines and 4 smi-circles within

charm of duplicity

alchemny circle with a diamond, a circle and an oval within

charm of protection


icon of a speech bubble filled with curse words

minor inconvenience

icon of a tombstone

major inconvenience

Icon of a sleeping skull

sleeping draught

Icon of two map markers with a knotted route between them

curse of confusion

Meet the Coven

Tabitha Vonner

Studier of pratical magicks. Follower of the Fae. Graduated Suma Cum Laude from the Illressen School of Magical Arts. I specialize in potions and draughts, both for personal use and for use on others. My cat Balthazar helps with brewing.

Nova Rowan

Charms expert. I love to better people's lives with little charms and amulets. Currently working on making enchanted tattoos. Check back next month for updates and progress!

Minerva Irdren

Local curse monger. I work in revenge and vengence, ranging from a few minor inconveniences to the big K.O. Lover of long walks on the beach and vodka sodas.

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